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Decor and lighting.


The lighting you choose will set the mood for your wedding celebration.  It can be used to add elegance or promote a festive party...or both.  You can simply tell me what mood you would like your guests to experience and I'll come up with several ideas on how we can make it happen.  

What's your definition of a great time?

Creating a wonderful experience for you and your loved ones.

As I learn more about you and the type of wedding you would like, I'll share ideas that will reflect your unique​ personalities.  Everyone will have a great time, dancing and laughing with you!  You won't want this night to end.   


I have planned more than 12,000 weddings and performed at 3,000 personall.  As a professional Master of Ceremonies, I have created time-lines, orchestrated small intimate weddings with as few as 14 guests as well as large weddings with more than 350 guests working with and coordinating multiple forms of entertainment.  

​I have received numerous awards and have been recognized by clients and peers as an expert in the wedding industry.  I continue to hone and improve my skills by participating in and conducting wedding workshops, MC workshops and speaking engagements at wedding conventions such as the Wedding MBA, Mobile Beat Las Vegas and The Las Vegas DJ Show. I understand how important your wedding is to you and I accept the responsibility to deliver the best possible entertainment value for you at your wedding!

I've created great flowing, stress-free celebrations that keep guests engaged, entertained, and dancing all night. And I'll add the perfect amount of personality that will make your wedding a memorable experience that reflects of your personalities.  


It is my responsibility to inform, direct and guide you, your parents and your vendors while keeping your guests engaged, entertained and dancing all night!

Playing the right song at the right time is important to create the proper energy at your wedding celebration and it is my ability to choose and deliver meaningful words that demonstrate your feelings about your family, friends and each other that separates myself from other DJ's.  

Skill can fade or disappear if it's not continually worked upon.  The same is true about a great working relationship.  I will do everything in my ability to transform my role as your DJ, MC and event entertainer into a close personal relationship with you.  One that you can trust and count on.  I will always deliver a heartfelt performance on your behalf and I promise to always give you my very best! 


As a past president of the American Disc Jockey Association– Phoenix Chapter (ADJA), it is my pleasure and I believe it is my obligation to help couples, just like you, find the right DJ for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Weddings are my specialty for good reason.  I love what marriage stands for.  God has blessed me with a passion and the ability to create joy, laughter while providing great music for special occasions and I can’t think of a more special or happier occasion... than your wedding.  The most important people in your lives will come together to celebrate this day with you and it’s a great responsibility for the person you choose to represent you.  You must trust them like you would a close family member.   I embrace this opportunity and can’t wait to create an unforgettable experience for you, your family, and your closest friends.  


You are the best host ever.

We were so impressed with your professionalism, as well as your kindness. [...]

Everyone is still talking about our DJ!

We totally blew our DJ budget but it was SO worth it. [...}

Best DJ ever!

Robert was fantastic!! He had my entire day laid out for us and I did not have anything to worry about! The day went so smoothly and it was all because of him! [...]

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